About Us

About Akam Real Estate The AKAM app was created11 to be comprehensive for all types of real estate across the United Kingdom. The AACAM real estate application provides a variety of services and searches for advertising and allows communication with the advertiser directly and that the advertiser is responsible for the correctness of the advertising details including the accompanying supporting papers and adherence to the laws and regulations applied in the country regarding By selling and marketing real estate, and the importance the customer fully understands is the responsibility of the advertiser directly Akam Real Estate does not provide any guarantees and does not bear any responsibility in the event that the user does not adhere to the policy of using the site and we are not responsible for any risk, damages, consequences or losses that fall on the seller, buyer or any other party. Those who have been harmed must inform us of this by contacting the following email: info@akam.com Explain the damage done to it and you will do the real estate act by taking the action according to the type of the incident without any responsibility You should review the terms and conditions to know the necessary procedures when you are exposed to some damage. Note that the real estate application company will document, archive and keep complaints and violations in violation for submission to the relevant authorities in the event that it is necessary in the initiative to submit or have been requested at any time. Your registration on the Akam Real Estate site means that you authorize us to save your data that you entered into the company's servers and we have the right to view and review it, and you agree to our right to monitor private messages when needed to ensure that they are free from violations of the agreement of use and we have the right to delete the ad and act with the accompanying images when needed.