Terms Of Use

By accessing and using AKAM, you acknowledge and agree to the entire content of this agreement without making any amendment, restrictions or changes to the terms and conditions contained therein.

You also acknowledge and guarantee your legal right to enter into this agreement and use the application in accordance with all terms and conditions contained therein

AKAM seeks as much as possible to provide information on its application with absolute precision, but AKAM Real Estate does not bear any responsibility for any error in the information contained in the site or application

AKAM Real Estate is a 100% Saudi company and its main office is located in Riyadh, and referred to in this agreement as (Akam Real Estate) or (we) or (us), and here represents the first party

"Customer" is everyone who accesses the application and benefits from its services, whether it is an individual, an institution or a company, directly or indirectly, whether by registration or without registration.

 He is either a seller, buyer, lessor, or wants to rent, a real estate office, or a real estate marketer. The second party is represented here.

The terms, conditions and provisions of this agreement and legal disputes are subject to the laws, legislations and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Terms of use

As the "second party" in this agreement, by agreeing to take advantage of the application services, you must comply with the following:

    Not to download or advertise items that are not suitable for the ratings available in the application and that are allowed to be sold.
    Not to infiltrate or defraud the laws, policy and regulations of application or any third party rights.
    Not to copy the advertisement from Akam Real Estate and republish it on other sites or applications.
    Not to use any unlawful means to access advertisements or other user data, or violate the Akam Real Estate policy and rights, access to application content, or collect and collect information and data related to Akam Real Estate or application clients and benefit from them in any way or republish them.
    Not to violate the restrictions on the site or application, or any violation or circumvention of other measures used to prevent or limit access to this application
    Do not use our services if you are not legally qualified to complete this agreement, for example you are less than 18 years old or you are temporarily or permanently blocked from using the app.
    Not to manipulate prices, whether buying or selling or harming other customers.
    Not to post fake, speculative, false, inaccurate, misleading, deceptive, libelous, or defamatory advertisements. It is possible for AQAM Real Estate to cancel and without prior notice all untrue ads.
    Not taking any action based on customer reviews and opinions, or deviating from the advertisement content.
    Not to be subjected to international policies, sovereignties, or personalities, or any discussions that are not related to the lawful purchase and sale in the Akam real estate company.
     Not to post, distribute or download any defamatory, offensive, violating, harmful, threatening, abusive, crooked, racist, or morally inappropriate material or other unlawful content or information.
    Failure to forge any attached file for the Akam Real Estate application.
    Not to copy the advertiser's right to any added advertisement.
    Not to transfer your account or activity to other locations while it carries our logo or services.
    Not to violate copyrights, trademarks, patents, propaganda, databases or other proprietary or intellectual property rights that belong to Lakam Real Estate or licensed to Lakam Real Estate.
    Not violating others' property rights, intellectual property, or patents.
    Not to collect information about users of the application for commercial or other purposes.
    Failure to do anything that might harm the reputation of Akam Real Estate.
    Not to impersonate Aakam Real Estate, its representative, employee, or any capacity that indicates that you belong to the company unless you have an official permission from the company.
    Not to obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorized access to the application or any account of a member present on the application, or impersonate any person or distort the membership with another person.
    It is your personal responsibility to adhere to all of our terms and conditions which include full and timely payment of all amounts due, in compliance with all rules related to commission and fees.

If it appears that the Akam website and application have violated or violated any of these terms and conditions, they reserve the right to:

    To warn you that you have violated these terms and conditions, and to ask you to stop this behavior.
    Delete any materials or content that you may have published.
    Take measures (including stopping, suspending or restricting your access) and preventing you from using the site and the application.
    Cancel the ads you made without referring to you and ban membership.
    Report your activities to the appropriate authorities.
    Take legal action against you.